Group 2

Group Research 

Lawrence S. Ting Memorial School (LSTS), also known as  Dinh Thien Ly School is a junior and senior high school located in district 7, the Phu My Hung New City Center, of HCMC, Vietnam. Lawrence S. Ting School was established in honor of Lawrence Ting, the founder of CT&D Group of Taiwan.

LSTS is a non-for-profit school for the Vietnamese. LSTS has 7 grades (4 grades for junior high school and 3 grades for senior high school). The first academic year was 2008. LSTS has a campus size of 2 hectares and is located right next to the Saigon International School. In 2011, LSTS completed its second phase expansion with an addition of new buildings and facilities. Overall LSTS is designed for a student body of 1200 students. LSTS currently has an enrollment of over 800 students.

Students going to School
School uniforms:
  • Women: short-sleeved shirts, belt caravatte, gray skirt (level 3), blue dress (level 2), white Bata shoes, white socks above the ankle.
  • Men: gray pants (level 3), green pants (level 2), short-sleeved shirt, white Bata shoes, white socks above the ankle.
Physical education uniforms:
  • T-shirts, shorts and sports field, sports shoes (except for some sports require special footwear), white socks.
  • Swimming: Girls must wear swim discreet
Group Reflection

Mr Chua and Principals of LSTS

 Student playing a traditional Vietnamese game

Q1 How well did LSTS perform?

It was better than the visit to Hoa Lu Secondary School because the schedule and activities that they planned for us were more interesting, interactive and fun. Also, we learn more about Vietnam's culture through the various game and activities compared to Hoa Lu Secondary School which focuses more on the Vietnamese language. We felt that they were good hosts as their hospitality was very welcoming. We ought to learn from them their attitude.

Q2 How is the school similar to SST?

The Lawrence S. Ting Secondary School is the only school in Ho Chi Minh City that has the support from Microsoft, while SST uses apple softwares and products to help the students learning. Similarly to our school, both schools uses the power of technology to facilitate our learning. Also, the school has many advanced facilities, apparatuses and equipments to enrich the learning of the students. 

Q3 How do you think we can improve the relationship between the two schools

We can have more frequent visits to each other's schools, this not only improve the relationship between school but also students relationship with each other. We can contact with our buddy in LSTS via online platforms such as Facebook and email. This makes the bonds between us stronger and stronger as we progress through the years.


The school is very different from Hoa Lu Secondary School that we visited previously. It was much more modern and has more facilities in the school. The students in LSTS were very hardworking and friendly towards us even though we do not know each other that well. We should learn their spirits and perseverance from them.