Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Reflections for Hoa Lu visit to SST (12/1/2012)

Please enter yours and two other of your Hoa Lu buddies' reflections in the comments section. Minimum 150 words. Please write yours and your buddies' names too! :)


  1. Reflection by Hoa Lu students

    Trung: The school is very beautiful and I feel very blessed to be able to visit this school. I have learn't how to speak english better. The people here are very friendly and hospitable. I enjoyed my time here.

    Long: I would like to visit this school again if I had the chance. The people here are very educated and friendly.

    Bhu: The School is big and bbeautiful. Since my arrival in Singapore, I learn't more about english. The ice-breaker games were very fun and interesting.

    Viet: I like the school because it is big, especially the soccer field. I would like to visit the school again if I had the opportunity.

    Farrell's Reflections

    I feel that the Vietnamese are very friendly. They do not fell shy here even though they do not know us very well. IThey are also very enthusiastic people as they try to participate fully in the games even thought they do not understand us. They also taught us some games. I learn't more about Vietnam culture and their traditions from the students. Overall I had a very enjoyable time and I hope I will will able to see them again soon.

    Bryan's Reflections

    I feel the the Vietnamese students were very hospitable and friendly. They participated in the ice-breaker games even though we do not really know them. They also introduced us some interesting ice-breaking games. We had some feedback from the Vietnamese students about our school too. I enjoyed the time spent with the Vietnamese students and hope that we can continue to strengthen these bonds between us.

    Done By Bryann and Farrell S2-07

  2. What is your opinion of SST?
    Anh: The students are kind and friendly.
    Hieu: The campus is beautiful. There are a lot of facilities in the school and there are a lot of greeneries around; such as the eco-pond and the garden.

    How do you feel when you visited SST?
    Anh: I am very happy and I feel comfortable being here. Your school is a very exciting place to be in.
    Hieu: I feel excited and if I ever have another chance, I would want to visit SST again.

    The first time we came to Singapore, and we found out that your school is the best school.

    Me: I had an enjoyable time here with my Vietnamese friends and we played icebreaker games together. The forfeit is really fun but then there are some people here like Max who like to take video of people doing forfeits (including me). 1 of my friend says that the girls here are better than her.

    Done by Ryan Chew S2-05

  3. Name: Gia Huy,

    I think Singapore is beautiful, the games were fun, the people in Singapore are tidy, the school is big. The students here are very good.

    Name: Dat

    Singapore is very beautiful, the people are very friendly, the food is very good, this school is big and the classrooms are comfortable.

    Name: Minh

    Singapore is very beautiful, this school is fun and big, the people are very friendly. Very clean.

    Me: Kaelan Mikowicz:

    This was a good chance for us to make friends with the Vietnamese people and get to learn more about their country. I also had a chance to play games with them,

    But the important part is that i know that these Vietnamese people are good people, they are smart and kind. I had a chance to experience how these Vietnamese interact with each other up close and I also learned what kind of games these people like to play.

  4. Ngoc Anh: The students of the school is very friendly. The food is very delicious, the games were very fun as well. The whole school is very clean. Yes, I would love to come again.

    Kim Ngan : The school is very clean, the games are very fun, the students here are very active and funny too. The food here is good too. I would like to come here again as well. My sister used to come here, and she loved the place here as well.

    Yen Nhi : The school is very clean and there are a lot of rooms, trees and the school is ver big, bigger than my school. The games were fun. The students are friendly and very welcoming to us. The food is very good. I would like to come here again.

    Yi De : It was an honor for me to be able to be the host of the students of the school that we had been to in Vietnam. When we went to their school in Vietnam, they were very welcoming and had a lot of performances for us. It’s a pity that we could not do the same, however, we had icebreaker games to welcome them. It was fun and fruitful and I would happily welcome them again, given the chance to.

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  6. Hoa Lu Students:

    I think that the games are very exciting and great. The school is very large and has many rooms. It also has many subjects, for example, chemistry. I also think that it is good that the school has experiments. I think that the school’s garden has many trees, it is very green, and has fresh air.

    The games are fun but the school doesn't have many games. I think that the school is very large and beautiful. I also think that some subjects are fantastic.

    I think that the games are fun. I don’t see any game room. I think that the SST students are very friendly.

    I think that the Vietnamese students learn very quickly and their command of English is quite good considering that their national language is Vietnamese. Also, I think they are a fun loving bunch and they like their home language.

    [Sentences are sometimes based on my understanding, therefore might not be correct]

  7. Phu: I like the big field.
    Long: I like the library, the field, the labs, the staff room.
    Duy: I like the halls and the field.
    Vu: I like the staff and the students.
    Ryan: Overall this day was fun. The Icebreaker games was very effective, they had a lot of fun today and I got to meet new people, I also learnt that the Vietnam education system is not that different from the Singapore's system... They are 2nd year in Secondary School at 12 years old! it was Fun, I hope that they would be able to visit again next time....
    Kevin: The entire day was fun and interesting. The icebreaker games were quite fun, most of the Hoa Lu students participated, although they could do a little better if they mingled with us a little more.

  8. What are your thoughts about Singapore and our school?
    i think that your school is very gorgeous , i think singapore is wonderful because it has fresh air
    Thuc Linh_class 8a1_ Hoa Lu Junior High School,Vietnam.
    just one word: WONDERFUl!!!! you guys, your people,…. are so cool !!!!
    Dan Thanh- class 8a1-Hoa Lu Junior High School,Vietnam
    What is your favourite activity today?Why?
    duck duck goose. Thuc Linh
    Sim Bowen:
    The Hoa Lu students are very lively and friendly. They are very close to each other, students and teachers alike. They have unique games which might be why they are so close as a group. The games require a great amount of communication which strengthens the bonds within their community. They are also quite organized as shown by the fact that they queue up very orderly during the break time. They also tried to take the initiative to talk to us.

  9. Yan Feng: I think that the vietnamese students are very friendly to the SST students. Not to mention lively and cheerful. They don't really mind talking to strangers(us SST students). The games that they introduced to us today were really fun and addictive, the teacher in charge of the games was really engaging. I really enjoyed the games that they introduced, they were able to get both the SST students and Hoa Lu students to participate actively even though there was an obvious language barrier in between the both of schools.The students are very close to each other and they rarely create any commotion.

    Nhi : I think that your school is very wonderful with full of modern equipments, nice teachers and many good things. And Singapore is cool too.

    Ly Mai Thao :I think that your school is nice.I think I will never forget about your school and you too.

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  11. I had a great time being around the Vietnamese students from Hoa Lu. During the Ice-Breaker games, they were shy when we first started playing the games. But after a while, they started getting active and lively when playing the games. They are very friendly and takes initiative to start a conversation to break the silence between us. I find that their English language is very well spoken despite having Vietnamese as their first language. I had a really fun day, and I think the Vietnamese students had fun too. It was a very fruitful session and I hope that we can have more of these in the future.
    (Sorry, I did not have time to talk to the Vietnamese students after I had my food)

  12. Student 1: She feels very happy and finds that the SST Students are friendly and good. She finds the campus extremely nice and exciting as they have not been to Singapore before.

    Student 2: I feel this school is great. I like this school because its very nice. This is my first time coming to Singapore. I find that SST students are friendly and nice. I think it is nice and fun to play with my friends.

    Student 3: I have been to Singapore before. I think its great the education here is good and very developed. Students here are also friendly and nice.

    Personal: I find that the Hoa Lu Junior High School students are very kind, pleasant and although there maybe some communication problems, I think that we still had fun and enjoyed ourselves while we were hosting them. Therefore, I would like to host them again if they do come to SST, Singapore.

  13. Tuan- It is a beautiful school and the student are friendly. All the teacher here are very intelligence and the student are hardworking. SST campus is very tall and big, the pond is brilliant, the school auditorium and the indoor sports is very cool. Singapore is very clean and green and the locals are very friendly, some people even help me find my bag for me when I lost it.

    Hung- The school campus is big, beautiful and advanced. The teacher are all friendly and the students are handsome and pretty. The indoor sport hall is cool,and the theater is the biggest theater I have ever seen. The pond look like a pond, and I once thought that it is a pool. I notice that there isn't any fish in it. Singapore is very green and clean. I have learnt that Singapore is a multi-racial country, as there are people with different skin tone here.

    Chen Hao Xian: The students from Hoa Lu junior are very friendly and kind. We have a enjoyable time then together, especially when we played the ice-breaker game together. Everybody laugh when Ryan Chew have to do a forfeit, cause he roll and complain at the same time.

  14. Teacher from Hoa Lu:
    I find that today's session was very Interesting, the students here have good hospitality, the session was very fun. The food in Singapore is very interesting as well.

    Tri An, Minh Hieu, Trieu Vi:
    Singapore is very beautiful, people are very friendly, the country is very clean, and the school (SST) is very beautiful. Your school discipline is very good and wonderful.

    Yong Hong, Jeremy, Isaac:
    We feel that today was a fruitful day, and that the relationships between SST and Hoa Lu will prosper from this visiting session. We also hope that these types of sessions would help to take another step forward in SST's relationships with schools from Vietnam, for a start. We believe that the students will soon start to bond with each other