Friday, 25 November 2011

Experience as Student Leader for GCP HCMC 2011

I feel that being a student leader has been a great learning experience for me in the aspect of leadership. I have gained experience and knowledge on how to become a good student leader through this Level 3 GCP trip. As a student leader it is important to be approachable and friendly with students so that they will not be hesitant to ask for any help but also serious when there is work to be done. A student leader must also be strict when needed to on some occasions but there weren’t many such occasions during this GCP trip as most of the students were generally well-behaved.
I felt that with the teachers supporting and helping us, leading the contingent was not overly stressful. The experience was also very different from other leadership tasks because this time we worked with the teachers and I understood how difficult it was to be a teacher. The leadership skills and experience that I have gained from this GCP trip will definitely benefit me in the future if I am chosen as a leader for anything else. This has also been my first major leadership role since I joined SST.
Being a student leader has also changed my personality and I have learnt to be more work-focused and serious. I have also learnt how to behave with people younger than me like my juniors and people older than me like my teachers. I have also much to learn about  leadership and am a long way from being a great leader. I will cherish more leadership opportunities that the school presents to me and will learn as much as I can from it. Overall, I feel that being a student leader for the GCP HCMC 2011 contingent has been a fruitful and beneficial learning experience. It has been wonderful leading all of you guys:)

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