Group 6

Group Reflection

What can we learn from the Vietnamese' choice of content for the water puppet show?

We learnt that the cultures of Vietnamese and Chinese have something in common. This is proven by the music played by the performers when they were performing different scenarios. Two of them which, the Lion dance and Dragon Boat music was used in the performance. Through this, we can learn that the two cultures share a common thing, and we believe is a good thing to appreciate the common things. Just like the saying goes, "When we all put aside our differences, we're all the same."
Although the water puppet show is very complex to put together, the Vietnamese still pulled it off well. What can we learn from their attitude?

We learnt that the Vietnamese are determined to perform every show well as the fact that they can make the performance a great success despite many difficulties, such as manipulating the puppets to perform different functions, such as rowing a boat or dancing. Also, the people on stage have to multitask between ‘singing’ and playing the instruments. This tells me that they try to master the skills of water puppetry and thus they are determined to perform every show well.
How different is this water puppet show different from other country’s puppet shows?

This puppet show shows the traditions of the Vietnamese in the past and is done on water, while others done in the surrounding region are behind blinds and not done on water. The performances are also colorful and there is a lot of music played by the performers, unlike monotonous music and plain colours in other puppet shows.

How is the water puppet show innovative?

It is used as a cover to prevent the secret of their mechanisms. As puppets are controlled by strings, the people might see the strings and how they perform the show and copy their idea. Thus, with water, they cannot see the strings and the decorations are used to cover the performers. 
It is also used in the idea of creating a unusual environment setting for the puppets with more functions available using the environment, water-filled. It creates an exotic atmosphere and also allows the puppet masters to manipulate the puppets and go through ‘transitions’ by letting the puppets going underwater and up.

The puppet show was really interesting and well thought of. We feel this is really very amazing as it is something we’ve never seen before.

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