Group 4

Group Reflection

 The emcees

The teachers

Q1)  Interaction with the students
The students are friendly. Their English is better than most of the other students in their school, because they are in the 'A' class of their school. They are more talented than the others. They definitely work harder than the students in SST. They also presented one of their best presenters and she speaks very fluent English. However, we have a wider vocabulary and we have to slow down at times as our speed at speaking English is sometimes too fast for them to comprehend. If we don't work harder, they will definitely overtake us.
Q2) What should we do to improve relationship between Hoa Lu Secondary School and School Of Science and Technology, Singapore?
We could spend more time with them the next time we visit to get to know them better as it can improve relationship between Hoa Lu Secondary School and SST. This is because both the schools can strengthen ties by collaborating with each other. We can also invite them to our school in the near future to show them SST's learning environment and how our school looks like.
Q3) How the school performs.
The school blasts their speakers out loud and everyone was very spontaneous in clapping cheering on for the performances unlike our students here in SST. They are people who have a lot of pride for their country and nation and they enj environment oys their probably because this was an improvement to what they have had before. Thus, they cherish it more than we do and are more hardworking than us.
The school is a nice school with friendly people and has good english, better than students here. They work much harder than we do, cherish more than we do. Thus, we should cherish what we have here, if not, we may not have jobs in the future due to these hardworking students.

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