Friday, 11 November 2011

Leaders' Evaluation of members

Please post your evaluation of your members in the comments section.


  1. Jia Qi: He listens to the leader and is constantly following the group.
    Yi De: He also listens to the leader and stays in group.
    Hao Xian: He is the same as them as well.
    Overall: They stay in groups almost all the time and I had no trouble with them. However, sometimes a person gets carried away and go ahead of the group, leaving the group behind. Other than that, the group members were behaving up to my expectations.

    My expectations were:
    1) Always stay in group
    2) Keep the noise level down
    3) Anything you want to buy or have any questions, tell me before you go off and I will see if I can allow you.

  2. Owen: He listened to me as the leader and constantly stayed with the group.
    Kuang Seng: He listened to me as well and was also constantly staying with the group.
    Isaac: He also listened to me and also constantly kept to the group.

    Other Notes: The group was generally up to my expectations and the trip to the market might have gone a little better, if I had knew the market better as my group and I were generally wandering around instead of specifically looking around for certain stalls.

    My expectations for my group were:
    - Stay together as a group.
    - Go to toilets in at least pairs.
    (Later made during at the market):
    - For my group members to be ahead of me so I can ensure each of them are still with me.

  3. My expectations which my group also agreed to was to :
    1) Do not wander off alone
    2) Tell the whole group when he/she wants to get anything
    3) Look out for each other

    During the trip the whole group was very co-operative and took care one another.

    Yong Hong : He was very responsible and told the whole group wanted he wanted to buy before stopping or going to the next venue.
    Jerome : He was very willing to go along with the group to buy what they wanted even though he had no interest in them.
    Kevin : He was very considerate by buying most of his items at the shops where the other members had purchased stuffs instead of going to shops that he likes/preferred