Friday, 11 November 2011

Members' Evaluation of leaders

Please post your evaluation of your leaders in the comments section.
Write three good and bad points about the leaders.


  1. Our group leader was constantly trying to keep the group in order, and was also constantly trying to keep the group safe from anybody suspicious, along with constantly reminding the group on strategies to keep orderly.

    However, he also was too easily distracted from his main goal. Also, he did not plan out the time beforehand, and so, we ended up wandering around quite a bit until we got to what we wanted to buy. He also did not remember his own rules at times, for example, he had asked all of us to stay in front of him, but when the place was so crowded, he still went ahead of some of us.

  2. Our group leader is easily distracted from what we are suppose to do. We walked aimlessly in the market.The leader also tries to maintain order in the group. He sets rules to keep the group in order, and he manage to keep the group safe from any suspicious characters like a person tailing the group and then suddenly offers a helping hand. Overall, the leader: is easily distracted, able to set rules that maintains order.

  3. Gladys
    Three Good Points (Y)
    1. Kept the group together
    2. Made sure to ask what we wanted
    3. Did the shopping systematically (buy one thing at a time)

    Points to work on
    1. Should lead at all times
    2. Time management (towards the end)
    3. Should not use English to criticize the products.

  4. Our group leader was responsible, searching for us when we wandered off without informing him. He worked well with the other leaders, somewhat merging our 3 groups, causing a jam which was a mistake on his part. He also was checking for us quite regularly. For some part of the trip he did not pay much attention to us, even when some of us joined the other group. He was distracted by the other leaders for some part of the time.

  5. Three Good Points
    1. Kept the group together
    2. Responsible, searched for us when we wandered off and checked on us regularly.
    3. Worked well with other leaders

    What to improve on
    1. easily distracted by the people around him
    2. Did not set any rules, so we were unaware of what we should do
    3. Did not plan the trip well, I was either following the other groups or asking where to go most of the time

  6. Good points:

    1) He leads the team very well, lets every member have time to see their stuffs, hardly allowing himself to see his own stuff. He let us walk in front instead to allow us to see what we need to buy the stuff we want and buying his own stuff later.

    2) He is a great leader who tried to pull me away before when one of the vendor tried to pull me away. This shows that he cares about the members of the group.

    3) He is responsible as he constantly checks to see if we are around him.

    Bad points:

    1) Get lost easily

    2) Slightly vulgar

    3) Anger management?

  7. Good points:
    1. Kept group together
    2. Helped group members bargain
    3. Good bargaining skills

    Bad points:
    1. Let group wander off for a while before looking for them
    2. Sometimes strayed away from group
    3. Wandered randomly around looking for things to buy

  8. Leader: Gladys

    Good points:
    1) Helped with the bargains of other group members
    2) Kept the group together
    3) Stopped at stalls to ask if any of the members would like to buy anything

    Bad Points:
    1) Stops for quite a while at some stalls to check prices and look at the goods
    2) Leaves the group at times
    3) Sometimes, though rarely, used English in front of shopkeepers to criticize them

  9. Leader: Max

    Good Points:
    1) Keep the group together
    2) Always asked what we want to buy before wandering around
    3) Plan where we go based on what members want

    Bad Points
    1) Waste a lot of time waiting for members to look at goods and check prices
    2) Usually remain undecided where to go.
    3) Wander around looking for a specific stall when trying to reach our destination

  10. Ming Yang:

    3 negative points:

    1. He lacks focus over his group members
    2. He does not try to enforce his expectations.
    3. He is more interested in his other friends than his group members

    3 positive points:

    1. He is calm and cool-headed
    2. He is cheerful and easy to talk with
    3. He does not make his group members feel pressured in any way.

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